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Select one of the above Licensing KITS that best meets your needs!
        #1 SELECT... the trade course that matches your experience and business goals 
               #2 ORDER... the KIT that best fits your learning style and DVD or CD players 
                               #3 STUDY...the course manuals and follow along by listening to the instructors  
                                          #4 MEMORIZE... the sample questions in the books, then practice testing online 
                                       #5 APPLICATION... we review your Application and you cna send it in 
                                                     #6 AFTER YOU PASS... send the final forms, and receive your License

Get your California State Contractors License!    TODAY...

Contractors License KitsWelcome to Contactors License, where we provide everything you need to get your contractor license in California. First, to help you to pass your contractors exams, we give you course DVDs, study manuals and practice test questions specific to your trade. While other California contractors schools only offer prep classes on their schedule, our at-home curriculum allows you to study and prepare on your own schedule. Then, we give you all of the paperwork that you need to fill out and file with the state to get your California contractor license.

We even include a licensing checklist to help to keep you organized. Plus, at, we are always here to advise and support you - even after you pass the test for your California state contractor license! For convenience, customer service - and results - you cannot beat To learn more about all of our Contractors Home Study Licensing KITs - including the one designed to help you get your California electrical contractors license - we invite you to read through the informative articles on the following Web pages.