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After Contractor License Exam and Bonding

Following the examination, successful applicants will be informed of what requirements must be met for issuance of a license. These will include but not limited too:

  • LICENSE ISSUANCE FEE - check or money order for $180
  • CONTRACTORS BOND OR CASH - evidence of a Contractors Bond of $12,500 or cash deposit. Those applying for a C-53 swimming pool contractor's license must file a $15,000 bond.
  • BOND OF QUALIFYING INDIVIDUAL - only include a "Bond of Qualifying Individual" of $12,500 for joint ventures, partnerships, or corporations.
  • CERTIFICATIONS OF WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE - complete and return your "Certificate of Workers' Compensation".
  • EXEMPTIONS FROM WORKERS' COMPENSATION - complete and include this form only if you DO NOT have employees.
  • ADDITIONAL BONDS - Additional bonds are required for some applicants. If additional bonds are required for your application, you will be notified.
  • ASBESTOS EXAM - complete and return the asbestos open-book exam.
  • FAILER TO PASS - examinees who fail one or both parts of the examination or who do not appear as scheduled for the examination will be informed of the requirements for retesting.
  • IF, FOR ANY REASON, YOU FAIL TO PASS - either the law or trade course we will stand by the course until you pass. The State can add new questions or completely change an exam without warning at any time. Contact us at once, and we'll work on a solution.
  • LICENSE NUMBER ISSUED - usually about five weeks after the issuance documents are received by the Board, if all necessary items are completed, the license number will be issued. The new licensee will receive a wall certificate within two weeks after the documents are processed, and later will be sent a credit card-sized plastic pocket license.
  • LICENSE RENEWAL IN 2 YEARS - licenses will need to be renewed in 2 years
  • Contact us if you need any addition support with your Marketing or Legal knowledge.


  • DON'T SEND BOND WITH ORIGINAL APPLICATION - Do not submit any bonds with an original application if you are required to take exams. After passing the exams, you will be notified to submit the required bond(s), initial license fee, and other documents as required. If you wish to create the bond in an inactive status, no bonds are required.
  • SEND YOUR CONTRACTORS BOND AFTER STATE NOTICE - You will receive a notice from the State to send proof of Bond after you pass your test. The Bond must be for $12,500.
  • IMPORTANT: A claim may be brought against a bond or cash deposit within two years after the expiration of the license period(s) for which the bond or cash deposit has been provided or within two years of the date on which the Board inactivates the license, whichever occurs first. THEREFORE, THE CASH DEPOSIT MUST REMAIN ON FILE WITH THE CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD FOR A PERIOD OF TWO YEARS AFTER TERMINATION OF THE LICENSE OR LICENSE PERIOD.
  • CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT, must be issued by a bank or savings and loan association doing business in this state, show the business name of the applicant or licensee, be made payable to the CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD in the amount of Ten Thousand Dollars ($12,500), be issued for a period of not less than one year, be automatically renewable at each maturity date, and state that any interest earned be paid to the depositor. A certificate of deposit will not be accepted when the word "Trustee" is included with the name of the payee.
  • ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNTS, AN ASSIGNMENT OF A BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT, A SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION INVESTMENT - CERTIFICATE, OR ‑ SHARE ACCOUNT, A CREDIT UNION CERTIFICATE FOR FUNDS OR SHARE ACCOUNT must be on a form approved by the Registrar of Contractors and be completed in accordance with instructions thereon. (Forms may be obtained from the Contractors State License Board.)
  • BANK ACCOUNTS, The bank savings account passbook, savings and loan association share account passbook or investment certificate, and credit union certificate for funds or share account passbook must be delivered to the Registrar of Contractors with the assignment. The passbook or certificate must show the business name of the applicant or licensee, be assigned to the Contractors State License Board, show the amount of Ten Thousand Dollars. The interest earned on the account must be paid to the assignor.
  • CASH, deposited with the Contractors State License Board may be in the form of a cashier's check or bank certified check payable to the Contractors State License Board in the amount of Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Dollars $12,500 is required. A personal check will not be accepted. For identification purposes, a cashier's check or bank certified check must show the name of the purchaser. Cash deposited with the Board do not earn interest.
  • BEARER BONDS issued by the United States Government or by the State of California must be delivered to a bank to Sacramento, California in an amount the market value (bid price) of which is equal or in excess of the amount of a Surety Bond prescribed in Section 7071.6 and Section 7071.9 of the Business and Professions Code or as fixed by the Registrar as provided in Section 7071.8 of said code. The bank, acting as agent for the applicant or licensee, will on the order of the Registrar of Contractors deliver the bonds to the Treasurer of the State of California. Under no circumstances are bearer bonds to be delivered to the Contractors State License Board or the Registrar of Contractors.