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Manuals, Residential B1 Building Inspector

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Manuals, Residential B1 Building Inspector

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This course covers everything you'll need to pass the B1 Residential Building Inspector National Certification Exam (2012 IRC Code Edition). It is a practical course that teaches a quick and easy method to navigate through the detailed IRC Code as you practice for the B1 exam. You'll learn how to locate Code sections quickly and accurately, as you must during the B1 timed exam.

The course includes:

• A manual with 400+ practice questions, answers with code references, detailed explanations, and clear illustrations and charts. It covers how to study for the exam, how to take multiple-choice exams, and how to find the specific topics covered on the B1 exam.

• Seven self-timed exams and a final exam with the toughest questions.

• Free 1-year membership to online exam prep featuring all the practice tests. It automatically times and scores the practice exams and provides feedback on questions you miss.




 Who is eligible to take the B1 Residential Building Inspector Certification Exam?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to become a Certified Residential Building Inspector. Construction experience is not required but many contractors may be interested in getting an inspectors certificate.

What is the exam like?

The BI: Residential Building Inspector Certification Exam is an open-book exam that consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and a minimum passing score of 75 points. Examinees have 2 hours to answer all of the questions and must provide their own copies of the International Residential Code® (I RC®).

What topics are covered in the exam?

The exam topics include: Code Administration, Building Planning, Footings and Foundations, Floor Construction, Wall Construction and Coverings, Roof-Ceiling Construction and Penetrations, and Public Safety. These topics are covered in the first eleven chapters of the International Residential Code® (IRC®) published by the ICC. The BI Exam Prep Manual is a comprehensive review of these chapters and is intended to be a companion manual to the IRC®. Students must obtain a copy of the IRC® to take with them to the test site.

Why should someone study this course if it is an open-book exam?

The IRC® is a large and complex publication and it is difficult to locate every correct answer in the time allowed by the ICC during the exam. Our course is designed to help familiarize students with the IRC® so they know exactly where to find the correct answers. We thoroughly cover each of the subjects appearing on the B1 Exam.

Why do I need to buy a copy of the IRC® if I have this course?

This course is an excellent study companion to the IRC®. The course makes frequent references to code sections and guides you through the exam topics but does not reprint entire code sections. Furthermore, the BI: Residential Building Inspector Exam is an open-book exam but the only reference allowed in the room is the IRC® and you must bring your own copy with you to the test site.

Which edition of the IRC® should I get?

The ICC tests on the current IRC® and one edition previous. You are allowed to choose which edition of the B1 Exam to sign up for. The BI Exam Prep Manual covers the 2009 edition of the IRC®.

How do I sign up for the exam?

The computer-based exam is administered by a third-party testing company called Pearson Vue. Sign up online at or call Pearson Vue at 1-800-275-8301 to set up an exam time.

Paper-and-pencil exams are available through the ICC. Download a registration form at www.iccsafe. org/inspector or sign up online at