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C06 Cabinet & Millwork with Law & Business

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C06 Cabinet & Millwork with Law & Business

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C06-Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor; builds cabinets and millwork, finish carpentry, cases, doors, trims etc.

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Benefits and Features

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Kit Includes

These NEW CONTRACTOR KITs include both the "Contractors Trade Course" and the "Law and Business Course" required to get your California State License. KITs include the Study Manuals with the lectures available on DVD, CD, or Both. KITs also include a Licensing Checklist, the Applications, and Hundreds of Practice Exam Questions with answers and explanations. You will also get access to our Online Exam Preparation Center from which you can test yourself repeatedly right up to the day of your State Exam. In addition, we will assist you and review your Application before you send it to the State. KITs may very base on the Lecture DVDs, CDs, Assistance, and Guarantee.

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$299 - Trade Manualsplus Law & Business Manual, access to our Online Exam Preparation, NO Guarantees or Lectures on DVDs or CDs.

$349 - Trade Manual plus Law & Business Manual, access to our Online Exam Preparation, 200% Guarantee, and Lectures on CDs.

$399 - Trade Manual plus Law & Business Manual, access to our Online Exam Preparation, 200% Guarantee, and Lectures on DVDs.

$449 - Trade Manual plus Law & Business Manual, access to our Online Exam Preparation, 200% Guarantee, and Lectures on DVD & CDs.

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C06 - A cabinet, millwork and finish carpentry contractor makes cabinets, cases, sashes, doors, trims, nonbearing partitions and other items of "finish carpentry" by cutting, surfacing, joining, gluing and fabricating wood or other products to provide a functional surface. This contractor also places, erects, and finishes such cabinets and millwork in structures.
Course Covers


Plan and specification interpretation
Material calculations
Job site inspections


Material evaluation
Cutting and milling
Laminates and countertops
Storage and handling


Demolition and site preparation
Installation of cabinet boxes
Installation of cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware
Installation of countertops


Studs and blocking
Stairs, mantels, trim, and flooring
Windows and doors


Preparation for finishing
Finish coatings

6. SAFETY (14%)

Work practices and conditions
Accident prevention
Cal/OSHA laws and regulations

Table of Contents


A Cabinet and Millwork Contractor
Cabinet and Millwork Contractor's Exam
Veneer Grades and Types
Veneer Cuts
Veneer Matching For Panels
Measurement of Lumber
Coated Abrasives and Backings
Common Types of Abrasives For Wood and Metal
Wood Joints
WIC Standards
Installing Door Frames
Hanging Doors
Determining the (Hand) of A Door
Standard Casework Dimensions
32mm Cabinet System
Health and Safety Orders

Sample Questions

1. What is the total board footage for a 4/4 board 4.25” wide and 11’ long, adding 10% waste?

a. 47.75 bd. ft.
b. 46.75 bd. ft.
c. 4.29 bd. ft. #
d. 3.90 bd. ft.

2. When planning to install cabinets in a public location, what Title regulations should be checked?

a. Title 14 #
b. Title 24
c. Title 34
d. Title 44

3. Which part of a planer functions to hold down the stock and help prevent chatter?

a. Bed roll
b. Chipbreaker #
c. Pressure bar
d. Sectional infeed roll