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C32 Parking & Highway with Law & Business

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C32 Parking & Highway with Law & Business

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C32-Parking & Highway Contractor; installs asphalt, concrete and similar materials, coatings, vehicle stops, guard rails, etc.

This course requires the "EXCAVATION & GRADING HANDBOOK", by Capachi

A complete description of this KIT is listed below, (CLICKHERE) to review the Law & Business Course.

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C32 - A parking and highway improvement contractor applies and installs protective coatings, vehicle stops, guard rails and mechanical devices, directional lines, buttons, markers, signs and arrows on the horizontal surface of any game court, parking facility, airport, highway or roadway constructed of concrete, asphalt or similar material. This classification includes the surface preparatory work necessary for the application of protective coatings but does not include the re-paving of these surfaces.
Course Covers
Project Site Evaluation
Plans and Specifications Reading
Material and Equipment Estimation
Time and Labor Estimation
Project Coordination

Weather Evaluation
Mix Design
Surface Preparation
Surface Coating Application

Weather Evaluation
Removal of Obsolete Markings
Pavement and Marker Application

Game Courts
Speed Bumps, Wheel Stops, Signage, and Accessories

Pavement Failure Evaluation
Pavement Removal and Replacement

6. SAFETY (23%)
Traffic Control
Personnel Safety
Environmental Safety

Table of Contents

Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor
Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor's Exam
Traffic Control
Traffic Control Equipment
Spreading of Asphalt Pavement
Seal Coats
Pavement Structure and Repair
Pavement Markers
Traffic Stripes and Pavement Markings
Airport Markings
Parking Lot Markings
Parking Area Design
Parking Angles
Parking Design Considerations
Accessible Parking
Asphalt Glossary
Health and Safety Orders
Parking and Highway Improvement Review Questions