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C21 Building Moving & Demo, Trade Only

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C21 Building Moving & Demo, Trade Only

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C21-Building Moving & Demolition Contractor; demolishes and moves structures and may includes their foundations.

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C21 - A building moving/demolition contractor raises, lowers, cribs, underpins, demolishes and moves or removes structures, including their foundations. This classification does not include the alterations, additions, repairs, or rehabilitation of the permanently retained portions of such structures.
Course Covers
Evaluate plans and specifications
Develop job methods
Perform job-related calculations
Evaluate job site readiness

Permitting and notification
Preparation to begin project

Moving preparation
Building raising
Building transportation

Pre-demolition site preparation
Disposal and cleanup

5. SAFETY (25%)
Site safety
Personnel and equipment safety

Table of Contents

Building Moving/Demolition Contractor
Building Moving/Demolition Contractor Topics
Building Moving/Demolition Contractor Overview
Building Moving/Demolition Study Guide
Sample Questions
Uniform Building Code Excerpts
House Moving
Case Study In House Moving
Cranes and Derricks
Building Moving/Demolition Quiz
Building Moving/Demolition Quiz Answers and References
Health and Safety Orders
Sample Questions
1. If wind speed is so great that the structure being moved swerves from side to side, what action should the contractor take?
a. Add additional restraints before proceeding with the move.
b. Secure a police escort to facilitate the move.
c. Add extra transportation equipment to ensure continuity of the move.
d. Postpone the move until these conditions cease. *

2. When a house is to be moved, who has the responsibility for verifying that utilities have been disconnected?
a. The local building inspector
b. The project owner
c. The utility companies
d. The contractor *

3. If wood guardrails are required to be installed on a demolition job, the railing must be made of what kind of wood?
a. Pine
b. Redwood
c. Cedar
d. Douglas fir *