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Contractor’s License proudly serves the entire state of California, offering contractor state exam preparation statewide. Our school administer is Gary Fiehmann who is a licensed B-General Contractor since 1975, and has added the classifications of C20-HVAC, C36-Plumbing, C46-Solar, C02-Insulation, D65-Weatherization. ContractorsLicense.Com provides the highest quality home study courses on the market today. Here is a short list of our benefits. 

  1. The Best Value in Contractors Licensing KITS
  2. Proven easy to use Home Study Courses
  3. Courses focus on only California State Licensing
  4. Study Manuals supplied for each Course Lecture
  5. Trade Classes recorded on DVD and CD or Both
  6. Contractors License covers all 75 State Trade Classifications
  7. All State Applications and Forms are included
  8. Our KITs are home study and you can study at your own pace
  9. When you have received your license you still get to keep your study materials
  10. You get to work with a General Contractor throughout the whole process
  11. We will help with your application and review it before you send it to the State
  12. We have been producing our Licensing Courses for over 35 years
  13. Over 35 thousand professionals have passed our courses
  14. We have 3 editors that are constantly keeping up with the study materials
  15. We are regularly adding new practice test questions with answers and explanations
  16. Test yourself at home and online before you take your State Exam
  17. We offer a 200% money back guarantee if you do not pass
  18. We have only paid out on our guarantee 4 times in the last 7 years
  19. We have an (A+) rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 10 years
  20. We have Thousands of satisfied students, now contractors
  21. Phone support at 800-456-2150 live from 2:00pm to 8:00 or leave message
  22. Email Support
  23. And we offer the best customer support of any school
  24. You have our promise, we will Support you until you PASS